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Let us guide you through what's happening in the city of Utrecht this week (11 - 17 June). 

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Sunset Travelers ðŸŽ¶
A unique opportunity to see this Southern R'n B, Roots & Roll-band once again.
Hosted at "De parel van zuilen" from 20:15 till 22:15 - Damage: €15 

TBYW Meeting + Potluck ðŸ‘¥
It's time for our "Taste Before You Waste" Monthly Meeting & Potluck again! Come along and let's enjoy some tasty dinner together. Get updates on our projects, collaborate, talk to volunteers and help organise. 
Hosted at "ACU" from 19:00 till 22:00 - Free



ESN Student Night ðŸ•º
Come dance with us and all your international friends on the latest hits and enjoy some cheap drinks.
Hosted at "Club Poema" from 23:00 till 05:00 - Free

Live at Café Averecht: Grey Storm ðŸŽ¶
Grey Storm is the stage moniker for Simon van Genderen, an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Etten-Leur, North-Brabant, the Netherlands...
Hosted by "Cafe Averechts" from 20:00 till it's over... - Free

BUI Finale! ðŸŽ¤
BUI brings Utrecht improvisers together. Together with Moira she organizes a monthly evening with adventurous music. In exciting combinations with, among other things, dance, visual art and poetry.
Hosted at "Moira" from 19:30 till 22:30 - Damage €7 or €5 (students)

Whiskey Myers ðŸŽ¶
Loud and proud, they sing about what they know with a refreshing directness and clarity. Some call it rebel music, but it’s more like everyday soul.
Hosted at "De Helling" from 19:30 till 23:00 - Damage: €17



Utrecht Lacht: Try-out, Comedy Night ðŸ˜‚
Dutch Stand Up Comedy with Jasper van der Veen, Pieter Jouke, Wouter Monden and Ronald Smink.
Hosted by "Hofman Café" from 20:30 till 22:30 - Damage: €5,5

Wednesday Night Jazz ðŸŽ¶
It's always a surprise who's there this wednesday but we already know it's going to be a night with good new vibes from national and international talent.
Hosted by "Back&Fourth" from 21:00 till 23:00, doors open at 19:00 - Free

Straffe Koffie - Eritrees Koffiehuis ðŸ‘¥
In De Voorkamer everyone is welcome: newcomers, people from the neighbourhood and other inhabitants of Utrecht. An evening to meet people, drink coffee and tea and to play games with each other. 
Hosted by "De voorkamer" from 19:00 till 21:30 - Free

Stathe Sessie: Vic Willems ðŸŽ¶
Vic Willems (singer-songwriter) is going to bring you some personal stories with his music.
Hosted by "Eetcafé Stathe" from 20:30 till 23:00

Lets play at The 5th ðŸŽ²
Starting at 19:00 you can play awesome board and card games. There are hosts to welcome you and help you on your way. Stayokay has a great collection of games, gamestore Subcultures brings demo’s the latest games, but you can also bring your own game.
Hosted by "The 5th - Neude" from 19:00 till 23:00


Tour de Leuke - Etappe 4: De EKKO Podium ðŸŽ‰
The last stage of Tour de Leuke. The best live artists of this moment will tear De Flater to pieces tonight...
Hosted by "De Flater" from 21:00 till 01:00 - Free

No Hits No Glory ðŸ•º
Expect the best POP, R&B, Disco, 90's and 00's songs.
Hosted by "EKKO" from 23:00 till 04:00 - Free or €4 for non students


Poema Thursday x Every Thursday ðŸ•º
ESN Student Night is famous in Utrecht, the same great vibe like our ESN Tuesday Student Night, bring your ESN member card for great discounts!!
Hosted by "Club Poema" from 23:00 till 05:00 - Free

Pop-O-Matic ðŸ•º
You can know St. Paul from festivals like Lowlands or Best Kept Secret, but the Pop-O-Matic made that bitch famous. In TivoliVredenburg he plays pop music every week.
Hosted by "TivoliVredenburg" from 23:00 till 04:00  - Free or €4 for non students


Friday Night Drinks ðŸ‘¥
Expats in Utrecht hosts a monthly social drinks Meetup so we can meet new people and catch up with familiar faces. Let's meet for drinks and conversation. Bring your friends and join us for a great night out!
Location TGI Friday from 21:00 till 00:00 - Free ofc


Yallah! Yallah! | EKKO ðŸ•º
A night full of hiphop, reggeaton, speeddabke and more from the middle east!
Hosted by "EKKO" from 23:00 till 4:00 - Damage: €11

Ecstatic Dance Utrecht | Esta Polyesta ðŸ’ƒ
Ecstatic Dance Utrecht is a sensation! A dance meditation - a free space in which dance expands, spirit activates and beauty flows. As Ecstatic community we are connected, even if you dance by yourself.
Hosted by "Ecstatic Dance Utrecht" from 19:00 till 22:00 - Damage: €13 inc some drinks...

Singlefeestje ðŸ•º
From the latest dance music to the old time classics from the 80's. And no, we won't forget the necessary Summer Jams..!
Hosted by "TivoliVredenburg" from 23:30 till 04:00 - Damage: €12,50

Brandalarm - XL editie / Club Poema Utrecht / 16+ ðŸ•º
This will be our biggest edition of Brandalarm ever !! We have 4 confetti cannons, 1000 balloons, hundreds of meters of garlands, a ball pit, lots of birthdays, lilliputians, free pizzas, our mascot & so much more!
Hosted by "Club Poema" from 23:00 till 05:00 - Damage: €10

Juan Sanchez all night long ðŸŽ§
Juan Sanchez voor de tweede keer all night long in BASIS!
Hosted by "Basis" from 23:00 till 06:00 - €5 or €13 after 23:30

Boppin' the Rock presents Restless (UK) + The Lecters ðŸŽ¶
One of the most popular bands of the neo-rockabilly with a touch of psychobilly.
Hosted by "Db's" from 20:30 till 23:30 - Damage: €15

Saturday 🏳️‍🌈


Utrecht Canal Pride ðŸŽª
Everyone is welcome to celebrate this party full of LGBTI boats. The boat parade starts at 2 pm. Come to the Oudegracht, enjoy the sun, the music and a drink and encourage the parade!
Starts at 14:00 at the Oudegracht

ESN Final Party: Hollywood ðŸ•º
We have some very sad news; the end of the semester is approaching fast and it is almost time for you to go home, but not without a proper ESN goodbye. Therefore, to end the year with a bang the Party Committee has organized one last legendary party for you!
Hosted by "Woolloomooloo" from 23:00 till 05:00 - Damage: €5

Fluff Disco Pridefestival ðŸ•º
Official afterparty of the pridefestival!
Hosted by "TivoliVredenburg" from 21:00 till 05:00 - Damage: €17,50 almost sold out

The Aces: Live Karaoke ðŸŽ¶ðŸŽ¤
The Aces' is an all-round cover band from Utrecht, with live karaoke as well as covers. So you can go on stage yourself!
Hosted by "Hofman Café" from 21:30 till 00:00 - Free

Karakter - Every Saturday at Club Poema ðŸ•º
You, your friends, confetti, garlands & balloons, lots of birthdays, the tastiest hits & hip hop and so much more. This is what you want.
Hosted by "Club Poema" from 23:00 till 05:00 - Damage: €5

Dwarslopers Festival | TivoliVredenburg ðŸ•º
The Dwarsloper Festival inspires you to search for your place in the world. Through different disciplines and perspectives, you gain new perspectives in the search for your personal and cultural identity in the world today.
Hosted by "TivoliVredenburg" from 13:00 till 22:30 - Damage: €10

RUBBER • PRIDE - Afterparty ðŸ•º 
RUBBER; the monthly gay club party of Utrecht.
View our boat during the Canal Pride, dance on our square at Jacobskerkhof and continue to the RUBBER Afterparty!

Hosted by "RUBBER" from 22:30 till 06:00 - Damage: €7,50 (pre-sale)

Sex, Drugs & Squatting Tour 
If anything is confusing, it's laws in the Netherlands. To the outsider, the country might seem like sodom and gomorra, with prostitution being legal and coffee shops that don't really sell coffee. On this short tour (1½ hours) we'll take you to some interesting sights in Utrecht and we'll tell you more about Dutch law making
Location: Starting at the Dom Tower - from 16:00 till 17:30 - Free

Open street parties this saturday

Official streetparty Utrecht Canal Pride 'After Sail' ðŸŽª
Café Kalff and ROOST at the Singel host one of the street parties of the Canal Pride in Park Paardenveld. There where the boats moor and the party continues ashore. With various DJs, live acts and other fun!
Location: ROOST at the Singel from 15:00 till 22:30

Domplein Canal Pride Street Party ðŸŽª
One of the biggest official Utrecht Canal Pride Open Air street parties !!
Location: Domplein from 14:00 till 23:00



The Hungover Games x Meantime ðŸ»
It's Sunday yet again and normally we just stay in the bed all day. But not this time! Come conquer your hangover Bar Stadstuin with delicious beers and awesome games. 
Hosted by "Bar Stadstuin" from 14:00 till 20:00 - Free

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon @Park Lepelenburg ðŸŽª
A Lazy Sunday Afternoon exists 20 years! And we celebrate that in Park Lepelenburg.
Location: Park Lepelenburg from 14:00 till 17:00 - Free

Jazz@cereol ðŸŽ¶
An initiative of jazz musicians from Utrecht West. They organize a concert every month in the Theaterzaal of Het Wilde Westen, where the meeting with the musicians takes center stage in an informal atmosphere. 
Hosted by "Het Wilde Westen" from 16:00 till 17:00 - Free

Goat (JP) + Bismuth ðŸŽ¶
Japanese avant-gardegroep creates strately disciplined rhymic acoustic techno. Wow that's a mouth full...
Hosted by "ACU" from 20:00 till 23:00 - Damage: €9

Galactic Empire . 🎶
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Wait: Galactic Empire performs classic pieces from the iconic soundtrack of the Star Wars films written by John Williams. 
Hosted by "De Helling" from 19:30 till 23:00 - Damage: €20

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