I smell something burning... 🤔

See this? This be our very first blog post. 🔥
See that screenshot?
That's a screenshot of the very first Campfires, created with the app, ever! 😏 

1st Campfire(s)

The bottom event being network drinks at UtrechtInc, last Friday.

The top event was Jurr, hosting a rave, in the middle of
Utrecht's Botanical Gardens. 👍

IMG_0176 3.jpg

Furthermore.. We almost acquired 2 new members to the team!
Hint: they star in our instagram promo.

AND we decided to throw a launch party right after New Years. 💃🔥
So... if you want to get a premium Campfire account and drinks for free;
Sign up here.

Oh Jurr also made a little animation for you all to enjoy (omg awesome).


Check it out. 👇


How's that for a first update? 👏

Cheers ❤️, Ev

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