Expat Exposé - ROBS (3 min)


1. Who are you? 

Ciao everyone! I am Roberta but everybody just calls me Robs! I am 20 years old from the amazing south of Italy who moved to the Netherlands two years ago to start my bachelor. (And yes, I was brave enough to face the weather in Holland). I am totally the animal-party kind of girl, so if you were looking for some nice tips to have fun in Utrecht, keep reading this.. 

2. Favourite thing about Utrecht? ⭐️

Well the thing that I like the most about Utrecht is that you can definitely find anything you need. From parties (all kind of music and styles), to different kind of food/cuisine, cultural aspects or just some amazing places to chill with your friends! I also just love the fact the people here are so open-minded, and you can literally feel yourself in this city!

3. Favourite hotspot? 📍

My 100% favorite hotspot in Utrecht is a restaurant called “De Kleine Parade”, I always recommend it to anyone who’s coming to Utrecht, food is awesome, the staff is the nicest ever, and they literally have the best sweet white wine in town! Also, the view is amazing, the restaurant is located in a little street in the center.. I would say that I like observing people from there! Ahah

Another place the I love and that I can consider student-friendly is A&J Bakery. It is a small bakery in Amsterdamsestraatweg that sells only vegan goodies, they are AMAZING, so delicious and such a variety of pastries, plus the guys there are Italian so for me it is always nice to have a talk with them! You should definitely give it a try!

4. Favourite (secret) hangout? ⛱

I wouldn’t really say “secret” but I’d say a party where anyone should go at least once! Whether if you like Latin music. Well, for the new ones in town, I’m talking about Fiesta Macumba, a Latin party that used to happen every 2 months at Tivoli, but apparently is doing so good that you now have the chance to go every month! I really love it, it is always soooo much fun!


But in case you are lacking inspiration where to party, I always check Campfire for a back-up plan! 😉

If you aren’t in the mood for parties I have another secret hangout spot for you! I am talking about the KeyWest Beach House, about 15/20 minutes away from the center but totally worth it! It has a really nice view on the sand and on lake which gives you these summer vibes! The food is also really and good and in spring time they do a lot of cool events like DJsets, Jazz sessions, and much more!


5. Any tips for expats? 💡

Try as many types of cuisines as possible! The amazing thing of this city is that you can literally experience so many different cultures, so my tip is to try not to stick with one single place or habit, but indeed go explore all around.

6. Once upon a time in Utrecht I.. 🥁

.. went to the casino because they give wine and beers for free….or at least that is what happened to me and my friends! You can save quite a lot of money if you’re in your broke-student-time and want to have fun ahahah

7. Any plans for the weekend? 🎉

What a question! It is the pride week, so of course on Saturday I will be the whole day in the Oudegracht to watch the amazing canal pride! And of course if you come, don’t forget your glitters.

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