Expat Exposé - LEO (2 min)


1. Who are you? 👤 

I am Leonie, a 21-years old Bachelor’s student from Germany, who is usually very hard to spot between all these tall Dutchies in Holland. 

2. Fav thing about Utrecht? ⭐️

No matter how long you live in Utrecht, if you wander through the streets, you will always find new hidden places (cute café's, bars, restaurants) that you have never seen before. 

3. Favourite hotspot? 📍

Roost aan de singel; a small pop-up bar on a huge madow right by the new canal, located very central, close to Utrecht Centraal station. 

4. Favourite (secret) hangout? ⛱

 I like to enjoy some good weather at the boot piers or stone stairs at Bemuurde Weerd Oostzijde (close to EKKO). You can bring your own snacks, drinks and a planket and admire the beautiful reflections of the streetlights, boats and charming houses of Utrecht in the water of the canal. 

5. Any tips for expats? 💡

Ok my tip is: if you want to learn Dutch, check out NL Educatie. they offer language courses for free for every level. you just have to pay a small fee to start, but if you pass the exam at the end (for which you will get an official certificate) then you'll get the money back!

6. Once upon a time in Utrecht.. 🥁

Opa Fiets Nederland Campfire

..my bike broke down and I was kneeing on the street next to my house, trying to fix it. After a while, a Dutch grandpa walked by and asked me if I could use some help. I had just come to NL and didn’t speak any Dutch yet. He didn’t speak any English. Not being able to communicate verbally would have been a reason for many people to give up and leave. He however stayed. Hands and feet got used to communicate and half an hour later he left me – holding a perfectly working bike in my hands. I was extremely impressed by the great readiness to help others and the common Dutch man’s bike-fixing skills. 

Leonie fiets

7. Plans for the weekend? 🎉

Go to Wilhemina Park to have a BBQ in the sun, and end the nice weekend with some drinks and good music at the lovely beach bar Soia on Sunday.

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