10 things to do in Utrecht other than ‘go for a drink’


You know how every time you decide to meet up with someone, it always goes like ‘Hey, wanna go out for a beer’?! 🙃

Well, in case you are sick of drinking.. we are here to give you some suggestions to do around Utrecht, just to switch it up now and then. 😉

Now, of course, none of these things have never crossed your mind before and will change your life. However, this might remind you of your options. 🌈

1. Play pool. 🎱

Even if you have never played before, it is so much more fun than just going for a beer! Well.. it’s even better when you also drink beer, just saying. There are a few places in Utrecht you can do that:

Poolcafé Hart Van Utrecht  

Opens in the afternoon and stays open until midnight or even later in the weekends.
Price range from 12,50 - 15,50 per hour
Location: Ganzenmarkt 16B

Ozebi Snooker en Lazer

Opens at 11:00 and closes after midnight.
Price range from 11,50 to 14,50 per hour
Location: Biltstraat 4


Not intended especially for this, but they do have a pool table.
Open from Thursday until Sunday from 19:00 until after midnight
Price: free - first come, first serve!  
Location: CAB-Rondom 90A (right at Utrecht Zuilen station)

La Pacha

Shisha lounge that also has a pool table
Open from 16:00 until 2:00 every day
Location: Bemuurde Weerd OZ 39

Sport Centrum Utrecht

It’s a little bit far, but has a lot of pool tables and is the cheapest option for pool
Price range: 9 - 12,50 per hour
Location: Zonnebaan 22

Stichtse Taveerne

A bar with a pool table (and games)
Location: Twijnstraat 43

Poolcafé Hart Van Utrecht

Poolcafé Hart Van Utrecht


2. Go see a movie. 🍿

Now, I know this is an obvious one. But here are some movie theaters other than the Pathe that are worth trying out.

`t Hoogt

You get movies different than the typical blockbusters
Price range: 9,50 or 8,50 for students; sometimes they have free screenings, so check the agenda
Location: Hoogt 4


Louis Hartlooper Complex

Louis Hartlooper Complex

Louis Hartlooper Complex

A combination of popular and less popular movies
Price: 8,50 and 7,50 for those over 65 years
Location: Tolsteegbrug 1

Spring Haver

Combines popular movies with less popular ones.
Price: 8,50 and 7,50 for those over 65 years
Location: Springweg 50

Spring Haver 

Spring Haver 

Utrecht City

Your regular cinema movies, but in a smaller, more cosy setting
Price range 10 or 8 for students
Location: Voorstraat 89


For now, entrance to the movie is free, you just need to pay for whatever you consume in the cafe.


Utrecht City Cinema

Utrecht City Cinema


3. Play table tennis. 🏓

Unfortunately, choice on this is limited, but it is still possible, so why not do it from time to time.


Price: 7,50 per hour

Tivoli also has a table - so you can combine table tennis with partying

4. Karaoke. 🎤

Even if you don’t plan on participating yourself, it’s always fun to watch other people attempt to sing Wonderwall.

Café Weerdzicht

Café Weerdzicht

Café Ome Willem

Open from Thursday to Saturday. 
Location: Willemstraat 12

Café Weerdzicht

Karaoke possible every last Friday of the month
Location: Oudegracht 1

Le Clochard

Karaoke possible every last friday of the month  
Location: Ridderhofstad 2

5. Board games. 🎲

There are multiple cafes in Utrecht that have board games readily available at all times. Other places organise game nights once in a week, as well. Here’s some of those places:

Café Tilt!

Location: Lange Jufferstraat 62

Café de Vingerhoed

Location: Donkere Gaard 11

Stichtse Taveerne

Location: Twijnstraat 43

Koffie Leute

Location: Westerkade 30

Café`t Hoogt

Special game afternoon collaborations with Subcultures

Check out here for a schedule of all the game night subcultures organises






6. VR experience. 👓

This is on the more expensive side, but when you have the opportunity right here in Utrecht - why miss it?

The VR room 

Price example: 6 people for 144 euro (24 euro p/p)
Location: Overste Den Oudenlaan 9b


7. Go Trampoline jumping. 🤸

This is also a little bit more expensive, but it is so much worth it! The place is a bit far from the center of Utrecht, but quickly accessible through bike and public transport (30 minutes from the station).

Jumpsquare Nieuwegein

Price: 13 euro, including the special jumping socks you need


8. Bowling. 🎳

If you have a bigger group of friends to meet up with, bowling is always a great activity.

Bison Bowling

Price per hour varies from 23,50 to 32,50

Mitland Bowling

Price per hour varies from 22 euro to 31 euro

9. Arcades & more. 👾

Why not go to the Game State to play all kinds of different games - from racing cars, to shooting zombies and such.

Game State

Free entrance, pay per game.
Location: Mariaplaats 13


10. Escape Room. 😱🏃

Those are a great teal-building activity and Utrecht has a good variety to offer.  You do, however, need to make reservations in advance for this. 

Escape room Mysterium

Price per hour is 99 (or 129 in weekends) and maximum number of people is 10. So, even with 5 people on a weekday - you're good to go (20 p.p. ). 
Location: Oudegracht 300


Price per hour is 99 (or 119 in weekends) and maximum number of people is 7, after which you pay 10 extra for each person. 
Location: Nevadadreef 44

Escape Room The Queen

Price range: Cheapest option is 120 for 8 people (15 p.p.), and most expensive - 70 for 2 people (35 p.p.) 
Location: Oudegracht 183 (you enter through the boards games shop 'Subcultures')

Escape Room Get Out of Here

Price range: Price is 109, maximum of 8 people (13,75 p.p.) 
Location: Overste den Oudenlaan 9

The Loop Hole

Price range: 85/95 for different games, both with max 6 people allowed (14/16 p.p.). 75 for a game that allows a max of 4 people (18,75 p.p.).
Location: Arkansasdreef 20

Time Games Utrecht

Price range: 60 for 2 people (30 p.p.) and 15 p.p . for 8 to 14 people. 
Location: Niasstraat 1


Price range: 84 (12 p.p.) on weekdays, and 96 (14 p.p.) on weekends, for a maximum of 7 people
Location: Croeselaan 303


Or ... you could just go to the Culture Boat for a joint. 🚬😉 (4 to 7 euro)

All jokes aside, this is the list that we could come up with. If you have any more ideas, comment below or message us through our Facebook page, and we will gladly add your suggestions to the list.