NEW things in Utrecht '18


We hope 2018 is going as well for you, as it is for us here in the Campfire team. If it is not, maybe it’s just because you don’t know about all the new exciting places opening up in Utrecht 🤷 (highly unlikely, I know). Still, we decided to give you a list of new places to try out this year in Utrecht.



TimeSpace's mascot 

TimeSpace's mascot 

For all those for whom studying in the library is starting to get too depressing, TimeSpace provides a great alternative study/workspace. For €10 euro a day (or 4, if you get a 10-times pass), you get unlimited coffee and tea, a dynamic environment of young, motivated people and a change of scenery from the good old library. They organize events, as well as occasionally provide different courses, such as a cryptocurrency course, or a Spanish course.

  • Location: Vredenburg 40 (headquarters) + 2 new locations at the Hoog Catherijne

  • Place to study/work

    • inspiring atmosphere

    • fast WiFi

    • unlimited coffee and tea ☕

  • Events

  • Courses

30ML Coffee Roasters


They now have a new location at the Vredenburg. Great place for all hipsters looking for aesthetic cute cafes to study and read hipster books in.

  • Location: Vredenburg 23 (in May they will open 2 other locations in Utrecht - in Leidsche Rijn and Zadelstraat 11)

  • Good coffee

  • Special tea 🍵 selection

  • All-day breakfast

  • Aesthetically pleasing interior

  • Barista Workshop (49 euro per person)


Cool concept, exciting for cinema lovers and regular cinema goers. They organize special movie nights, which you can go to for free. They allow you to bring the foods and drinks you ordered at the bar, inside for the movie.

  • Location: CAB-Rondom 90A

  • Art-house movies 🎞️

  • Jazz cafe 🎷 with board games 🎲 and pool 🎱

  • Dance club


  • A space to rent for hosting events, working, studying, or relaxing. Will open in April.

The Streetfood Club 

This new restaurant/bar is opening in the beginning of April and from the looks of it, it will be the new place for internationals and locals to hang out. What they offer:

  • Location: Janskerkhof 9

  • All day brunch

  • Top Notch Streetfood

  • Cocktailbar 🍸

  • Smashing Interior (great for Instagram photos)

  • Old-school hip-hop music

They're open from 10:00 ‘till late’ and their menu is diverse and unusual, check it out.




The first cat cafe in Utrecht! The plan is to open around June/July.

  • Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 253

  • Cats 🐈


Ma Bella Cakerey

Ma Bella Cakerey Amsterdam

Ma Bella Cakerey Amsterdam

For all the sweet toothers out there in Utrecht - this something to look forward to! They already have a location in Amsterdam and are raising money to open up in Utrecht (Leidsche Rijn). 🎂




The Food Club

A friendly couple, inspired by food and venues from all over the world, want to challenge people with their rich menu. They want to be able to provide something for everyone, therefore they have an allergy-friendly menu and staff.

  • Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 378

  • Option to build your own platter so you can try out different things

  • 100% gluten-free menu

  • Option to cater to allergies and food preferences (gluten-free, vegan, etc.)

The JackRabbit

  • Location: Neude 29

  • Cocktails, food and coffee

  • Amazing looking desserts... this one this one 



And now for all the exciting new places opening around the station and Hoog Catherijne


TGI Fridays

From the 23rd of April onwards, you can try out this American fast food chain, coming to the Netherlands for the first time in Utrecht!

  • Food

  • Beer

  • Cocktails

  • Friday everyday 🎉

The Seafood Bar

This place was previously open only in Amsterdam. However, they have branched out and the fist other city they open in is Utrecht, of course! So, if you're a big fan of seafood, but couldn't find anything good around Utrecht, head over to the station and seek out The Seafood Bar.

  • Fresh, high-quality seafood 🐟

  • Fancy interior



Burgers and milkshakes - what more is there to say?

  • Easy location

  • Delicious burgers (vegetarian option available)

  • Quality fries 🍟 (cooked in peanut oil, which is much better for you)

  • Free toppings!

  • Unique milkshakes

  • Refills

The Barn

High quality organic junk food.

  • Two locations:

    • Hoog Catherijne

    • Utrecht – Leidsche Rijn | Opening May 15th

  • Quality, organic products

  • Focus on sustainability




For all the Vapiano fans, who wished for a Vapiano in Utrecht - you finally got it!

  • Affordable Italian food 🍝

  • Good location

  • Works until late (kitchen open until 23:00)


Dunkin Donuts at Hoog Catherijne

A description is hardly even needed - just don’t go too heavy on the donuts (🍩), summer is close. 


Hope this list helps make your year (and life) in Utrecht a little bit better.